Thursday, February 7, 2019

get the look of this fresh and cozy family room

I haven't done a "get the look" in a while and thought this room would be perfect. 

It's light, bright, clean, and modern.
I've scoured the web to find very similar options for you, if you like this look and would like to recreate it in your own home. 

Let's start with the colors in this room. Very neutral, very inviting. A lot of whites, creams, and greys. 

Ellie Gray by Sherwin Williams would be a great choice for the walls in this space.

This rug is almost identical to the one in the photos, however, this one looks even plusher and is wool which I love.

A clean white {or off white} sectional like this is a great match for this look:

This sofa table is a great and inexpensive choice.

A couple faux hydrangea stems in beautiful vases finish off the console table.

Let's move onto the coffee table.
I love the clean lines of this one, and it's almost identical to the one in the inspiration pic.

The glass and white hour glass is one of the items on the coffee table.
Faux greenery in white pots, a stack of grey, white, and black hardcover books, a teakettle and mug. 

This floor lamp isn't an exact match, but I actually like it better!

This blanket is stylish and cozy.

A bunch of pillows like these add texture to the space and add warmth.

This one in grey or white would be a good choice:

This is another good one:

A lot of textures in this one:

And this one has a lot of interest and textures:
The last thing is the artwork, very simple and minimalistic.

There you go! I hope you liked this version of "get this look!" i
If you have a room you'd like me to source out like this, please feel free to email me a picture {with source} to [email protected] for consideration.


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