Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Purina ONE 28 day challenge

Hello there!

As many of you know, we are huge animal lovers and have three labs all under the age of 6. 

We love our fur babies. I am sure if you have pets, you all know how important it is to keep them in tip top shape, because we want them around FOREVER, am I right?

When Purina asked me if I would like to take the challenge and put one of our pets on a 28 day challenge,  I immediately jumped at the chance.

Meet Oakley. 

Oakley is 4 years old and is an English Lab. He is our laziest dog out of the three, and doesn't get much exercise. He loves lounging around, and napping in his special chair. 

I took this challenge for a number of reasons, one of which was to help him lose weight. What we got was a dog who has so much more energy, bright eyes, and a shiny coat. Purina ONE will make a visible difference in every pets health, not just those that are overweight. 

Before the challenge he weighted in at a  little over 100 pounds. The vet kept telling me to put him on some really expensive diet food, which I contemplated, but then this less expensive option with
 Purina ONE came about. 

And here he is after the challenge.
He has lost about 5 pounds and he has a ton more energy! I am so happy to have found this dog food because it not only will save me money, but Oakley is way happier with this new found energy. I am sure his muscles are going to be even stronger now that he is more active. I credit all of this to the new dog food!

This pet food comes in a variety for dogs as well as cats, so if you have either, you should try it out! 

Click here to take the 28 day challenge and receive a $3 coupon.


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