Wednesday, March 27, 2019

basket planter and our spring porch

I love this time of year when the garden centers are full of flowers for planting.

I always get so excited knowing warmer weather is just around the corner. 

I wanted to freshen up our little kitchen porch this year with something unexpected.

It is such a tiny area but I wanted to be able to plant something in a large container, something that would fill up the space nicely.

I found an old French basket and knew it was going to be perfect for that spot.

In keeping with the European theme, I went with flowers and colors that I thought would be appropriate. 

This basket is very old and I wanted to protect it as much as possible from water damage, etc. 

If you have a basket you'd like to use as a planter, follow these simple steps:

1- Line your basket with waterproofing. In this case, I used a large heavy duty garbage bag. I did not poke any drainage holes in it, because I don't want water soaking into the bottom of the basket.

2- Fill with soil and add a large center plant. I got a large boxwood plant and trimmed it as best as I could into a round shape.

Tip- If you don't want the weigh of all that soil, fill the bottom third with packing peanuts.

3- Fill in the gaps around the boxwood with your other plants.

I used Bacopa, Candytuft, and Creeping Myrtle. 

4- Finally, add the rest of your soil and water generously.

If you are new here, the Hello Beautiful sign I made and attached with hinges to hide our PUD meter. 
It has worked out perfectly to disguise it and the PUD guys have no problem with it!

Today I'm joined by a fabulous group of blogging friends who are also sharing their Spring Porches as part of the Seasonal Simplicity Spring Series.


Unknown said...

I love that basket - and it looks perfect for spring with the plants you've chosen!!

Farm House Faire said...

This is so pretty! I love it. It's so simple but gorgeous.

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Great idea, I love it. Your porch looks so pretty

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