Monday, March 4, 2019

before and after

My clients living room got a refresh and it turned out beautifully!!

I first went over there about a month ago and took a look at her space and made a list of her wants for the room. 

Then I compiled a list for her of products to buy within the allotted budget.

After she ordered them and got them in, I went over and we "shopped her house" for accents. 

Finally, a quick trip to a couple local shops for some missing pieces and voila, a whole new fresh space!

The top pic is the before. It wasn't a bad space by an means, she just wanted newer furniture and a new look.
I took into account the shape of the fireplace, the wood tones, and the cool tin ceiling when selecting pieces. 

This coffee table was an obvious choice for me because of the wood tones, the metal accents {remember the tin ceiling?} and the fact that is has a ton of storage. Storage was a requirement from the homeowner because they have a lot of blankets and don't always want them out. 

It was a pretty reasonably priced piece and is beautiful in person.

We repurposed the mirror into the dining room where it was suited better. A quick trip to Target and we had a new round mirror. I really wanted a black framed one, but we were impatient and bought this one thinking if it didn't work we could spray paint it. The aged brass finish actually works really well with the colors in the room.

The large glass vase and faux stems came from another space in her home. 

I did have her buy the 2 large floor lamps. I feel like they balance the fireplace nicely and add a soft glow to the room. They are perfect topped with linen shades.

I also streamlined the mantle a bit by adding a simple pair of glass hurricanes with a small rectangular tray between. She can add seasonal decor to the tray, as she loves decorating for holidays. 

I think my favorite part of the room is the new chairs. They were by far the biggest splurge and the homeowner loves traditional, so it was a big leap of faith for her to purchase these. The whole family loves them though and they are so happy they went with my suggestion. If any of you are thinking about getting the Wells chairs, don't hesitate! They are super comfortable and as you can see, work well in a traditional space as well as a modern space. The color here is vintage caramel.

I had her get faux fur cream lumbar pillows to tie into her new sofa, which she bought locally. 

Now, do you see that wall behind the couch with the corbels?
I actually suggested a book shelf to her, because she likes storage and has a ton of books. I felt like it would occupy that wall with more of a purpose. She got the shelf locally but this is a similar one. 
 On the other side of the room sits her new couch. We left the artwork on the wall behind the couch as it was great! Photos taken by the homeowner and enlarged onto canvas' 

I love incorporating sentimental items into peoples spaces. In fact, you can't see from the pictures here, but I also hung a couple pieces of art made by her kids. 
And here is a few more pictures I took just for fun. I apologize for the quality, I only had my camera phone on me!

Click here if you would like to see a home office I made over in the same fashion. And please feel free to email me if you'd like me to come re-work one of your rooms in your own home!


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