Thursday, March 7, 2019

black and white is my love language

My favorite colors are black and white and all shades of them. 

Some people might say that they aren't colors, but they are and they can be calming, warm, bold, and everything in between. 

Not only do I dress mainly in black and white, but our home is mainly decorated with these colors too. Of course I like to throw in a little wood to warm things up, some blues to soften things, but mainly, black and white is it!

I pulled together some of my favorite black and white staples. Things I have had for a while now and absolutely love. I do get tired of certain things, but these things stick. I've loved them for a while now and I can't see myself giving them up!

To go to each product, click on the corresponding number at the bottom of this post.

1-These chairs are a classic cafe chair that look good with so many styles. I like them because they are small and we can fit many around our table when we have company. 

2-I made a version of this, which you can see here. If you would like to purchase one, this is a good price point.

3-I just splurged and got this lamp. When you have wanted something for years, just give yourself permission to buy it!

4-This blanket is a great knockoff for over a thousand dollars less than the original!

5-This marble footed bowl is darling and inexpensive for what it is. I love it in the kitchen with fruit, but I have also used it near the kitchen sink with a sponge and soap in it.

6-Another splurge, but it makes a statement on your coffee table.

7-This bench sits at the foot of our bed and for the money it is sooooo good. I love it, can't say enough good things about it.

8-One of my favorite scents. I justify the price by re-purposing the container to a pen and pencil holder when the candle has burnt down.

9-Le Creuset pot, a must have in my book. I cook a lot and this has had a ton of use and still looks great. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty.

10-I just got this knife set and it is so pretty sitting on the counter, and the knives are super sharp and who doesn't love rose gold? 


Thanks for taking the time to check out my favorite black and white products! 


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