Thursday, March 14, 2019

our tiny but efficient laundry room

Hello there!

Today we are talking laundry rooms, how we can make them efficient, pretty, and practical. 

If you are coming over from My Soulful Home, welcome!

Our laundry room is very small, about 5 feet by 5 feet, so we have to make every inch count. 

I have done this by utilizing the wall space with hanging baskets, shelves with wooden crates, and even a rack on the back of the door, which I think has been the biggest life saver. We also keep all of our medicine in this large first aid kit. I painted over the front of it and spelled out the word ouch with stickers. 

Like I mentioned, squeezing every inch out of this space for storage is huge. I used a combination of these wall baskets and these to hold misc. cleaning products like sponges, twine, and trash bags. 

Our laundry hamper has a removable liner so it can be easily tossed into the wash when needed. 

I also added a row of hooks behind the washer and dryer to hold bags. These bags also serve a purpose for mis matched socks, dog supplies like leashes and collars, one even holds packaging tape.

A glimpse when the door is open to reveal the back of the door storage rack that holds all the cleaning supplies. 

Above the electrical panel I have a battery rack and fire extinguishers. 

It's these little details that make the space so efficient. 

To view a post a did on our laundry room a couple years ago and to see how it has changed, click here.

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cindy hattersley design said...

I am always impressed when someone can turn a tiny space into a stylish organized room. I have a large home and it isn't always stylish and it certainly isn't organized! Your home is so darling. I always enjoy any peek I can get. Thanks so much for joining us Melanie.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You really have made the most of that little room...with all the storage! Great job.

The battery rack is something I really need to copy! Thanks for doing this with us!!

annie said...

Melaine, Well it may be small, but I would have never guessed that it was only 5' x 5' bu the way you have it organized. I love how you have narrow shelves to hold everything and you can see it at a glance. That large first-aid kit is brilliant. I may have to copy out on that! Thanks for joining us!

Kristin Thomas said...

Thank you! We, too, have a tiny laundry room. It's about the same size as yours, but it's also a pass-through from the garage to the kitchen (in other words, the primary entrance into the house). It's the only room we haven't touched in the 15 years we've lived here and IT'S TIME. When our 15-year-old son suggested we remodel the laundry room instead of going on vacation, we knew... So, my question is: Why did you hate having your W/D stacked? We're considering that as an option to open the space up a bit (and make room for mudroom-like shoe/coat storage), but don't know anyone who's done it. Would love to hear the pros and cons.

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