Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Adult Easter basket ideas

Now that my kids are getting older, I still want to give them Easter baskets, but with a little more of an adult/teen theme.

That got me thinking that hey, it's not just kids that love Easter baskets, we all do! Who wouldn't want to get a cute gift basket filled with yummy, tasty, and pretty things?

So I put together a cute little basket to share with you and get you inspired to gift one to a friend, a mo, a teacher, anyone!

Basically you just start with a cute basket and ribbon.

I wanted my Easter basket to have a farmhouse theme, so I picked up a vintage apple basket at my local antique store.

Because it is extra big, I used foam filler leftover from a package to create filler in the bottom. 

Then I topped it with white paper shreds.

I got some white flowers at the grocery store and wrapped them in brown packing paper.

TIP: Make a pattern by laying the plastic your flowers came in, onto the brown paper and trace around it. Cut it out and you have the perfect shape!

Every farmhouse Easter basket or gift basket needs a Magnolia Journal magazine am I right?

I put my favorite hand cream in there, as well as my favorite candle.

Chocolate and wine are a girls best friend, so be sure to include those!

Then I simply filled in the blank spots with speckled eggs filled with wrapped chocolates. 

The chocolate Easter bunny adds a fun touch, as well as the eggs, but if you left those out and/or replaced them with other items, this could be a really cute hostess or birthday gift. 

I hope this inspires you to make your own custom Easter basket or gift basket for someone you love!

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