Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth day & why I thrift

If you know me, you know I like to thrift.

I love finding a diamond in the rough, an expensive item marked down to nearly free, and treasures that just need a little love.

But I also thrift because I think it is important to recycle and understanding this process is important.
I am also a big donator. I make trips monthly to my local thrift shop and donate. 

When you donate your clothing and household items, you are keeping those items out of landfills. 
Very little do items donated get tossed out. Did you know that they even recycle their plastic bags and cardboard boxes that donations come in. 

I buy everything from kitchen items, to clothing, to bags, and books at thrift shops.

A really long time ago I posted on shopping for furniture at thrift stores, and what to look for. If you are interested, you can read that here. 

This earth day I encourage you to take a Green pledge. Pledge to be more thoughtful towards our environment and take efforts to reduce your carbon footprint. I am joining the Greenworks Generation site in helping encourage others. Share your story here as well and take the pledge.  

If you walk through our home, every room has items from thrift shops or antique stores. 
The wooden totes below in our kitchen were both thrifted. 

This "tablecloth" was a denim Ralph Lauren sheet I found at a thrift shop.

For our daughters high school graduation, I painted a globe from a thrift shop with paint so everyone could sign it that attended her party.

 The wood tote below, as well as the breadboards were flea market finds. 

I get a lot of my white dishes from thrift shops, as well as wooden bowls.

 I even got our kitchen rug runner from Goodwill!

So, do you thrift? What have been some of your greatest finds?

Happy earth day. Hope it's a great one!


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Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love this idea to take a Green Pledge!

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