Tuesday, April 9, 2019

happy, fun, and colorful interiors

I know. It is shocking that I am writing about colorful interiors. 

Even though our home is very neutral, that doesn't mean I don't love a good colorful space.

There are several spaces that stick out in my mind when I think of happy, fun, and colorful interiors.

Grace from A Storied Style is one of them. 

For the One Room Challenge one year, she created the most fun bunk room I think I have ever laid my eyes on. The blue color, the attention to detail, the wallpaper, the textiles, it's so so so good.

Look at these blue doors on her kids bathroom! They are fantastic.

Another fun blogger I follow is Kristin from The Hunted Interior.

Her home is full of neutrals, but also has fun pops of color which I love.

At first glance, her library looks pretty neutral. But if you look further, you will see a lot of color in the books and the artwork.

Check out this transformation she did on this desk and the alcove it sits in.

I love, love, love her teal sectional. You can follow Kristin here on Instagram. 

I could never be this brave, but Gwen who writes The Makerista, nailed this room.

Her bookshelf styling is on point. 

Check out their man cave which I am sure any guy would die for.

You can follow along with all of Gwen's yummy photos, right here on Instagram.

What is your take on colorful interiors? Do you go bold or play it safe with neutrals like me?

I love so many different styles that it is hard to nail just one down. I think these three have it dialed down to a science, wouldn't you say? 


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