Monday, April 8, 2019

shop this room

Happy Monday, and welcome to shop this room. 

I have sourced out this great space for you, and I hope you find it helpful!

This room is modern, yet rustic. Sparse yet cozy.

It is very chic with it's furnishings, colors, and textures. 

This rug is similar to the one in the picture, as is this one. 

This dining table is very similar in design.

While these chairs are not an exact match, they are super inexpensive and I feel like they give the same feel.
If it was me, I feel like these would be a better fit.

Drape these over each chair to finish them off.

Choose from any of these vintage wire baskets to house all your drinks on the table.

I love how they used cafe lights indoors here, so fun!

Cozy up with this faux fur throw while taking a nap on your bed.

I really love how cozy this multi purpose room is.


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