Wednesday, May 29, 2019

how to dress up your walls for summer

Just typing the word SUMMER, gets me all excited!

Today I am taking part in the Happy Housie summer diy project, so be sure to read all the way till the end of this post to see what everyone came up with! I myself cannot wait to dig in!

When I was thinking of a summer diy project, so many came to mind. But I finally decided on showing you all how to dress up your walls for summer.

It is so simple!

This project is for anyone. It doesn't take a certain skill level to do this, and that is what I love about it! Also, it is so versatile! 

I wanted something that wouldn't stand out and smack you in the face, but something that was super subtle, that just whispers summer.

Not only is this an easy project, but it is an inexpensive one, and one that can be done in one afternoon.

I love typography, and I love the casual relaxed feel of this wall art. 

Here is what you need to do this project in your own home. 
I bought everything at Michaels, {these letters} but Amazon has letters here, paint here, and command strips here.

First decide on what you would like it to say. 
We live on a lake, so this seemed appropriate. The sky is the limit here. You could spell out "home sweet home" or just about anything. Make it personal to your family!

Once you purchase your wording, paint them any color you'd like with latex craft paint. I chose bright white because I wanted it to blend in more with our walls, which are painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

After they are dry, lighting sand off any rough edges.

Lay out on your table to get an idea of spacing, etc. 

I decided mine would be 7.5' between rows. I came up with this measurement by measuring the bottom of the first word "go" to the bottom of the second word "jump"

I had 5 rows of words, so I lightly penciled on my wall 5 rows, 7.5" apart.
You will want to use a level for this. 

Next make a mark where the center of your wall is.

I used two packages of command strips. {linked above} 
I added 1-2 per letter depending on the letters size and shape. These are very lightweight so you don't need much.

Start hanging them line by line, pressing firmly.

Once you are all done you can use a magic eraser to get rid of the pencil lines. 

I cannot wait to write different words up here for the holidays. I think I will paint up a bunch of letters so I will have them on hand when the mood strikes. I also love how these do no damage to the walls! 

You might also notice some new art! 

It started with the large vintage white framed piece in the middle. It was a score at Goodwill for $7.99!

To give the wall a bit more substance, I added 2 frames flanking it in black.
In keeping with the lake theme, I framed pictures of my kids swimming and boating in our lake.

Allegra Hicks book can be found here, and the Vanity fair book can be found here.
Glass decanter can be found here. Black frames are from TJ Maxx.

 I'm joined by a fabulous group of blogging friends who are also sharing their Summer DIY Ideas as
part of the Seasonal Simplicity Summer Series...

Just click on the links below the images to be taken to their posts and see what they're sharing today. I'm blown away by all the awesome summer DIY ideas!



Christy James said...

I absolutely love this! And what a score that wall art was!! XO

Danielle said...

LOVE this! So timeless, classic, and perfect for any home.

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