Wednesday, May 1, 2019

modern farmhouse kitchens

While grocery shopping the other day I was drawn to this new magazine, Modern Farmhouse Kitchens. I think modern farmhouse might just be my favorite style out there, so I scooped it up. 

I love the idea of modern farmhouse style in the kitchen. A bit industrial with a relaxed feel. 

Here are some of my favorite images of that style, hope you enjoy looking through them.

Check out the contrast of the black and white in this stunning kitchen! The pendant lights are amazing! The sconces also are a fabulous addition to the bright white walls. 

Studio McGee can do no wrong in my book, and the kitchens they design are amazing.
This range steals the show. I actually have this little round tray from them, it's such a small detail but makes such a big impact. Adding a vintage rug runner to any kitchen will take things up a notch.

You will notice a lot of worn wood finishes in modern farmhouse kitchens like this one below. 
Open shelving is also seen a lot. This is a great place to find a wide variety of floating shelves for this particular style.

The selection of barstools is key in this design style as well. A combination of wood and metal goes a long way. And aren't these gold pendant lights fabulous?

Get yourself that magazine and get inspired! It sure inspired me to make a few tweaks to my own kitchen! 


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Unknown said...

Hey Melaine,

I couldn't agree more. Love the look of the modern farmhouse. Funny story my aunt just re-did her small motor home to modern farmhouse style. It's been repainted, she added bridge faucets a farmhouse sign over the sink and some classic farm style pillows.

I'm considering a new post on tips for a modern farmhouse kitchen. I'd love your perspective.

In any case, it's no wonder you made our list for best farmhouse sites to follow



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