Monday, May 6, 2019

my favorite cookbooks and why

I love cookbooks for so many reasons. The main one being, I love to cook!
But I also love them because they are informative, help me make good food choices {sometimes!} and some I buy simply for the covers because they look so pretty sitting on the shelf! 

Here is a roundup of my favorite cookbooks and why!
If you have a fussy gut or are gluten free, some of these specialty cookbooks might be for you!
My particular favorite is Simply Keto. Click on the numbers below that correspond to the pictures to take you to their pages. 



I like to decorate and add pops of color with these fun cookbooks! They look great stacked on a shelf, oh, they also boast some fabulous recipes! 


These are just a sampling of some of the neutral cookbooks I own, but they might be my top four! 

If you have any favorite, please leave them in the comments section on this post, I'd love to hear!


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