Thursday, May 16, 2019

outdoor entertaining {the before}

We are lucky enough to live on a good chunk of land that backs the forest, so it is very peaceful and quiet.

On the back of our property we have a large fire pit that we like to gather around with family and friends, roast marshmallows, or just hang out.

It is a great space, however, it is in dire need of a pick me up. It's lacking any color and personality.

We decided this year is the year we are going to make it pretty and function even more. 

That will start off with pavers all around the existing fire pit, new comfortable chairs, a place for firewood, and pretty plants and lighting. 

We are working with Home Depot on this project. Choosing them was a no brainer, as it is our go to home improvement store. 

They recently delivered all our pavers right  to our space. We plan on spending the next couple weekends putting the space together. I watched this video to get a jump start since I have never done a project like this before! Additionally, you can save 10% when you buy qualifying amounts of wall block, pavers, and step stones. Time to mark that project off your to-do list!

I will be sharing all the before and afters in one post towards the end of the month, but thought I'd show you what we are starting with, and some of the items we will be using!

Hopefully by June, our space will be ready for friends and family to enjoy and spend some quality time together. 

Remember that these are the before pictures!

We are going to cover all the gravel with these pavers. 
We got a variety of different sizes for interest. 
It is a big space and will take a while, but it seems like a great DIY project for the whole family!

Out with the old chairs and in with the new!
I have always wanted these chairs and they come with a 20 year warranty. 
I think 6 will fit nicely around our fire pit area.

We also need a place for firewood, so I have ordered 2 of these racks.
We are going to enlist the help of our son Cody and his friends in splitting the wood.

We will be cleaning up the landscaping add planting new trees, bushes, and flowers, all in keeping with the pacific northwest woodsy theme. We don't want anything to look out of place for the surroundings. 

I cannot wait for this project to be done and to share the process with you to help you get inspired to create an outdoor entertaining space. 


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PamMacC said...

Think hard about those chairs you want. We had similar chairs and it's very hard for older people people with back issues and pregnant women to get out of those chairs!! We ended up giving all of our away!! I like your current chairs - best I could see in your picture. Good luck with your decision!

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