Tuesday, May 7, 2019

outdoor furniture

We are having record breaking temps this week and it has me so excited for summer! I have been busy getting our outdoor furniture ready, and some of our outdoor spaces cleaned up.

Every year I like to add a small addition to our outdoor living spaces, whether it be small pieces of furniture like a bar cart or side table, or larger items like lounge chairs and dining tables. 

It's also time to get some pots planted, as well as my window boxes, pressure wash the driveways, and dust cobwebs from the outdoor kitchen. 

I love looking at all the new outdoor furniture that comes out every year and thought I would show you some of my favorites!

This teak patio set looks way more high end than the price tag suggests. 

I really like teak furniture. It stands up to the test of time and the wood weathers to a great worn grey.

These eco friendly teak chairs have always been one of my favorites with it's modern design. The fact that they fold up makes them easy to store in the winter. Again, they will patina over time and the result is gorgeous.

This black planter is one of my favorites. {largest size} I have actually seen them set up in a row with several side by side. When planted they almost create a wall of sorts. 
Of course, they would look great flanking a door too.

This 3 piece patio set is super chic. I feel like it would look great tucked in a corner, or even in the midst of a garden. The set comes with 2 chairs and a table.

Would you believe it if I told you this cabana striped umbrella is under $50? Every year I see it I want to buy about 5!

I just bought these adirondack chairs to go around our fire pit. While they do cost a bit more than traditional wood ones, these have a 20 year warranty!

If you are looking for complete sets, World Market has some great options this year. 

I particularly like this nautical set, and this dining set.

Pottery Barn is having a up to 40% off sale on some of their outdoor collections.

I hope this gives you some ideas for sprucing up your outdoor spaces this year!


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