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Savannah's bedroom makeover reveal

Quick back story on this in case you are new here.

Our daughter Savannah is in her second year of college just east of us about 4 hours away.

She sometimes comes home on the weekends, she comes home for holidays and breaks, but other than that, her room sits empty.

We all decided it was time to give her room a little makeover and make it more "guest friendly."

Not that we have a ton of guests, but it is nice to have a space that people can stay that isn't too girly or taste specific.

I really wanted a hotel feel, while still keeping Savannah's tastes in mind. So together we came up with the perfect bedroom for her, as well as overnight guests. I really hope you like it!
All photos by Amanda Anne Photography. 


One of the first things I did was to give the walls a treatment with wood planks. We had used these in our office {see that here} and I loved how it turned out so much, I wanted to do it again. 
I knew this room was going to be neutral and it adds the perfect texture and dimension. Honestly, I don't think the room would be the same without it. I used all medium gray planks. Amazon sells them here. 

I repainted the walls but did them in the same color which is Benjamin Moore Classic Grey.
I did repaint the ceilings bright white, and boy did that make a difference!


Window treatments were a big discussion in this room between Savannah and I. She voiced how much she really wanted something that was easy to close and open, and also something that would block out her room 100%, meaning light as well as people using the outdoor kitchen area right behind her room. 

Before I just had used drapes tied back that she could close, but it wasn't very easy to unhook them every time, and also, they were sheer.

So I worked with a great company Barn And Willow to come up with a solution that covered everything on our wish list. 

The roman shades we ended up getting have a blackout lining and function so much more smoothly than what we previously had. 

They made them the exact size to fit her windows, and they are a showstopper in the room for sure! The linen is so luxurious and they drape beautifully. The stone grey color is a good neutral that doesn't read feminine or masculine, so it was a great choice for this room. 

If you are in the market for roman shades, or drapes, I highly recommend Barn And Willow. 

*Tip* order swatches to see what color looks best in your room. Then take the swatch that you ultimately decide on, with you while shopping for accessories or bedding to match.

Enter to win a bedroom makeover with Barn And Willow right here for Mother's Day!
Hurry, ends soon!


Lighting can really make or break a space. Good lighting is so important, wouldn't you agree?

Savannah's previous chandelier was gorgeous, but it was very ornate and rather shabby chic. 
{you can see her room over the years here}

I ordered a different chandelier, hung it up, and while it was still pretty, it wasn't perfect. 

At this point, my husband was about to strangle me. 

But the one I ended up with is PERFECT and it was really inexpensive, so we are all happy in the end. 

The lines go well with the bed and the more modern feel to the room. This light would make a great entry way light too! Here is a link to it directly. 

For sconces, I ended up going with these. They are adjustable, and re-positionable. The perfect reading light if you ask me. They look like these high end sconces from Rejuvenation, but they are under $50 each!
They cast a really pretty glow and have a gorgeous gold lining. 

The lamp on the metal piece was a TJ Maxx score for about $30.00.


Picking out just the right pieces of furniture took some time, but I wanted everything to be timeless so I didn't have to do another makeover a few years down the road. The pieces I picked I think are classic and will be beautiful for a long long time.

Let's talk about the bed, because I think it is the worlds best deal. It is sturdy, very modern for a canopy bed, and the price! Wow, just look for yourself! Almost unbelievable. I think I voiced my concern at one point with it being so inexpensive I was worried about the quality. But nope, it's perfect. Get this bed if you are in the market for something similar! 

All white bedding is my favorite, and especially for a guest room. It's clean and crisp and reminds me of a nice hotel. I wanted to get a really nice set of sheets for this room, so I landed on these. They are extraordinarily soft. 

The blanket and duvet cover are also white, and I purchased them at Restoration Hardware. 

The linen lumbar pillow with the grey velvet band was a happy find at TJ Maxx. I had my Barn And Willow swatch with me, so I was able to know with 100% certainty that it would be a great fit in the space!

Let's talk about the nightstands!
Savannah's room has never had proper nightstands. We had a dresser on one side and a desk on the other. Those served their purpose through her school years, but I wanted something a little more "grown up" if you will.

I found these nightstands and knew they would be perfect. When they arrived, they were even more perfect than in the picture! Don't you love it when that happens?
Not only that, but they had white glove delivery and the guys that delivered them were so sweet. They actually couldn't get their truck down our culdesac so they each wheeled them on dollies about a 1/4 mile and then up the stairs, in the rain I might add, all white smiling the whole time! 

Once they were in I realized they each have 2 charging ports for phones, which I didn't even know they came with originally! Even more perfect for a guest room, or that of a 20 year old! 

Now that she has nicer nightstands than us, I will be looking to A.R.T. Furniture again to update our own! I have actually been eyeballing these to use in our room.

Click on the WHERE TO BUY tab to find a A.R.T . Home Furnishings retailer in your area.

The metal cabinet is fun and a bit unexpected. It is the same one as this only a bit bigger, I didn't see it online. 

It holds extra blankets, as well as Savannah's yearbooks, and these fun metal containers hold all her things she didn't take to college with her. They are on major sale right now, so scoop them up fast if you like them. They won't last long! I actually got a few more for our outdoor kitchen area to hold odds and ends, as they stack nicely. For reference, I got the large

I would still like to find a perfect bench for the end of her bed. For photos I stole the one out of our room, but I put it back because I am not willing to share, ha-ha. It is literally one of my favorite things! If it wasn't weird to have the same one in both rooms, I'd buy another. 

Here's something funny. I just saw the same bench here for big bucks. Pays to shop around! Get yours here or here for hundreds less!


This was the fun part, but it also proved to be challenging. To me, the room still needs some personal touches, but I will let Savannah do that when she comes home. 

Fresh flowers go a long way. In this case I just used branches from a tree in the yard. 

I used my favorite Crate And Barrel vases on one, and a simple tray with books and a faux succulent. 


I knew the right artwork would have a big impact on this room. Choosing the right pieces was key. Nothing too girly, or too masculine. 

I chose 4 pieces of art:

A bend in the road by Kisco Print Shop in 30x40 with a champagne silver frame

Path of life by Kisco Print Shop in 30x40 with a champagne silver frame

Plant cell 6 by Mary Gaspar in 30x40 with a champagne silver frame

And finally this piece to go in my new favorite frame! Savannah has always loved horses, and even though it's a bit more traditional than the other art, it works. 

I had wanted a Highland Hardware frame for a while now, and her room was the perfect place for one. They are modern and edgy and sleek all at the same time. I have a new love affair lately with acrylic and paired with the silver, me oh my, gorgeous! It's the first thing you see when you walk in her room. She actually said it's her favorite thing about the room believe it or not! 


Her rug is the same Daphne rug from Soft Surroundings, but I see it is no longer available. 

I did end up painting her vintage wood closet door the same color as the walls to blend in a little better. 

Now that this room is done I really want to make over Cody's room! I really enjoy challenging myself to create new spaces, it fun and rewarding even if I am cursing sometimes in the thick of things! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post, I appreciate your support in reading my blog, it means the world to me.


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yippiegirl said...

Melaine, long time follower of your blog. It is on my bookmark page. Love the room redo but think the photos are much better when you are the photographer. You are truly talented.

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