Monday, May 13, 2019

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This warm and inviting room by Bandd Design gives me all the good feels.

It looks welcoming, like you just want to sit on that sofa and read a good book, share a cup of coffee with a loved one, or just stare at the view out those windows.

The wood walls add so much warmth to the space. You could achieve this same look with these accent walls in a box. It is the same product I have used in our office and daughters room. 

The mirror is the focal point on this dark fireplace wall and it is a stunner. Here is the same one in a different shape for a bit less money.

I love the area rug too. Neutral but still a lot of texture. You can find the exact one right here, and a less expensive version here. 

The ceiling fan is pretty cool too. This one I think is even better though!

I bet this pair of chairs are designer, but I found these for less!
Sprinkle in some gorgeous velvet pillows for that pop of color.

I really am loving the deconstructed sofa. I feel like it could fit with so many styles.

The blue ottomans add interest and serve as extra seating.

I love the retro vibe on the lamp pictured below. This one is also a great option and about 1/2 the price.

The bowl on the coffee table is super fun too. 

I like how the rustic wood coffee table ties into the walls and beams.

What do you think of this room? I personally love the mix of metallics with the rustic woods. The comfort of the furniture and the rugs.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this space and seeing how you can take elements from it into your own home!


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