Monday, June 24, 2019

DIY succulent letter

This is a super easy DIY that you can put together for yourself, or for a personalized gift.

You will need a vintage marquee letter, spanish moss, floral foam, a hot glue gun, and faux succulents. 

I found my letter at a flea market, but Etsy and Ebay are also good places to find them. Just make sure the one you are getting has depth to it, you will see how that comes into play as you read further on. I have also heard them referred to as "channel letters" or "3-D letters"

You will need it to have a cavity to fill with foam, as you will see.

Lay your letter out on a protected work surface.
Savannah and I used a C for her friend Carlie. 
This made a really cute birthday gift paired with a Starbucks gift card.

Fill the cavity of your letter with floral foam. You can cut this with a knife really easily. We found this at the dollar store and used 3 cubes on our big letter.

Fill in all the cracks and make it as tight as possible.

Next you will start filling in with your faux succulents. Most come on wire stems which you can poke into the foam. Otherwise you will need to hot glue them on. Make sure the glue makes contact with the metal piece to secure it.

You don't need to fill it entirely with succulents. Faux succulents can be expensive, so just place them in a random eye pleasing pattern, then fill in with spanish moss. We also got the moss at the dollar store. 

Tuck it in well, filling in every gap you see. This will also help to hold everything together, as most likely you will be hanging this letter vertically. 

We used hot glue on some of the moss to make sure it was secured. 

Work your way around your letter with the moss. 

Isn't that darling? I think it would be great on the side of the house, maybe on the front porch, or even a garden shed? 


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Salvaged living said...

So so cute! Love this idea

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