Wednesday, June 12, 2019

simple homemade candles from thrifted containers

I love, love, love candles as I am sure you know.
I also have a love for thrifting, so I thought I would combine my two passions.

Today I am going to show you how to make simple homemade candles from thrifted containers.

I love how these turned out, and I love how simple they were to make. I have to say, I honestly think I will be making my own candles from here on out. 

You can customize to get the exact scent you want, and the exact container and size you want, perfect!

Here is what you will need:

Various containers from the thrift shop, or anything you have sitting around your house. I am using all white containers I found from the kitchen dishes section of our local thrift shop.
Rummage through your cupboards too! You will probably find exactly what you are looking for! Old tin cans with great graphics, or mason jars would be really cute for this project. You can even reuse old candle containers over and over again.
*while you are at the thrift store, pick up a cheap saucepan that you can melt your wax in over a double broiler. Instructions to follow. 

I bought this wax as it burns clean and won't leave a black smoke ring on your ceiling. 

These are the wicks I used. I also wish I would have bought one of these, but I just used skewers to hold my wicks into place. They didn't turn out perfectly centered, so this is something I will be getting. 

Next you will want to choose your scent for your candles. I have been using essential oils in my diffuser for a while now, which I love, so it was an easy choice to use those to scent my candles.
It feels so good to know our family is breathing in PURE essential oils, rather than some phony scent concocted in a lab. Not only do they smell good, but they make you feel good! 
There are literally hundreds of scents to choose from. You can choose something to go with the season, or make a special blend to relax you at night, recharge you in the morning, or pick you up in the afternoon. 

I made some with citronella because I want to use them outside to keep the mosquitoes away. I also made lemon and citrus candles for our kitchen, and lavender for on the nightstand. I burn these before bed and it helps me drift off into a good nights sleep. 

Prepare your containers by simply centering your wick and securing. You can see how I did this with a skewer. The larger containers will need up to 3 wicks.

Ok, so now you are going to bring a big pot of water to boil, then turn it down to simmer. Add wax {more than you think} to your thrift shop pan and place it in the bath of water. It will start to melt down immediately.  Stir often to ensure it's all melted evenly.Once melted, add your oils. I recommend adding 1 ounce of oils per pound of wax, more if you like them richly scented.

*wash your pan in-between scents, as they are very strong and unless you want to mix scents, this is recommended. 

Once it is melted, carefully and slowly pour your hot wax into your prepared containers. This will most likely spill out a bit, so cover any work surface with wax paper or anything you don't mind ruining. 

Let sit several hours to overnight. The wax will be yellow when you pour it in, and turn white as it dries.
Once dry, trim the wicks to 1/4", burn and enjoy the natural scents and your handiwork!

This was such a fun project that I think I will get a group of girls together to make them. How fun would that be? And your house will smell AMAZING!

If you are interested in buying a Young Living starter kit, it is by far the best value.  Order here and make sure the number 19008906 appears in both the "enroller" and "sponsor ID" fields. The starter kits are $160 and includes a diffuser and 12 essential oils, and several products you can try, plus a beautiful product guide that provides a ton of information. You can select the kit based on the diffuser that you want to order. 

When you sign up to be a member, you do NOT have to sell anything! All it means is that you get 24% off!

You can use these oils for your candle making and have a diffuser to diffuse your wonderful new scents! I don't know about you, but I have spend $160 on just a couple candles before. 

Here are some other combinations that would be fun to try in your candles, and or diffusers!

Summertime scent~
Lemon +

Allergy relief~

Silent night~

Morning refresher or afternoon pick me up~

Clean home scent~

Headache relief~

Clean Kitchen~

Now, go burn those beautiful candles and please share with me if you do! I always love seeing reader creations.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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