Tuesday, July 23, 2019

5 of my favorite modern farmhouse Instagram accounts

The modern farmhouse look is it. 

For me that is. It might not be for you, but it is the closest thing to describe my style.

A bit rustic, a bit edgy. Still cozy while being clean and comfortable.

Edited but not sparse. 

Here are my top 5 modern farmhouse Instagram accounts you should be following for this look, in no particular order.

1-Pete and Selena, clean simple living in design.
Might I add that I NEED that light fixture in our living room? Gah!
The board and batten walls scream farmhouse, along with the rustic pillow fabric and wood bowl. But that headboard and fabulous light scream modern and I love it all!

2- Olive and Ford. Another favorite for combining natural textures with sleek modern lines. 
The bed below is the same one in Savannah's room, only in white!
The wood furniture pieces, jute rug, and brick wall are all very farmhouse, while the chrome lighting and bed are more modern. The perfect combination if you ask me.

3-Boxwood Ave. Chloe really truly does live on a farm, which you will see clearly in her posts. 
But her home isn't decorated like a ranch or country cabin. It's very modern day while still being infused with a ton of vintage pieces. Take these vintage oyster baskets she hung on the wall. Clever right? Head on over to her page and see if you can spot the modern farmhouse in her home.

4-My Seattle Farmhouse. Stephanie is a real life friend to me. Her home is very inspiring to me because of the soothing colors and how clean it is! She uses a lot of farmhouse baskets and trays in her home, but everything is well edited and I know you will love her account if you don't follow her already.

5-Old Silver Shed. Sandra is another real life friend, although I have never met her in person, we text often and she is my decorating idol for this style. She's actually the one who turned me onto this look with her mixes of flea market finds and ultra modern pieces. 
She helped me decide on the Ikea pieces in our dining room and I am so grateful to her for her advice because I love them! 
This room of hers below is one of my favorite rooms in her home. Notice how much of the furniture is very modern, but you still see those rustic beams, river rock fireplace, old ladder, and vintage textiles. 
She really knows how to pull off the modern farmhouse style.

So those are 5 of my favorite modern farmhouse Instagram accounts! I hope you will follow along with me on my account as well. 


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