Monday, July 29, 2019

creating the bedroom that dreams are made of

Let me preface this with saying there is nothing wrong with the bedroom I have. 

I actually really like our bed, and our furniture has history. 

However, our daughter Savannah is in need of some new bedroom furniture for her apartment at college, so I am dreaming up what I would replace our current furniture with. 

I have had my eye on this bed for a while. What we have now is just a headboard, not the full bed. Totally fine, but if I were to do it again, I probably would get the full meal deal. {I like the Zuma white color}

And to go with the new bed, new chests on either side. I say chests because we need {for storage} larger night tables than the standard. 

If there was extra room, I would love a comfy chair in the corner where the occasional extra child comes in to watch tv with us.

I have been eyeing these pillows for a while now too, and think a couple big ones on the bed would be great. 

At the foot of the bed I am thinking something raw and rustic, like this bench.

And then just a few new accessories like these chunky beads. 

Things I would keep the same:

I love our JuJu hat and would keep that above the bed. I like the texture and the contrast with the dark walls {Ben Moore Graphite}

I would keep our light fixture, love, love, love. 

What do you think?

Think I should go for it, or do you think I am crazy? 

Please comment below!


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