Wednesday, July 10, 2019

easy storage solutions for small spaces

An organized home is a must for me, just to be able to breathe easy, and not get overwhelmed with clutter on a daily basis is huge. 

If you are the same, or even if you aren't and want to become a little bit more organized, I thought I'd share some easy storage solutions for you that I use in our home. 

I really like to keep clutter at bay by using trays and baskets. Baskets hide anything from paperwork to bills to magazines, to cleaning supplies, etc. 

My favorite baskets are these. They come in a  variety of sizes for different products. 
I like to mix in metal baskets as well, even using white cookware or bowls to hold various items. As you can see in my pantry, I have used some cake stands to hold various items too. It doubles as a place to store them, and have them be functional. 

In our dining room this cabinet holds all our cloth napkins, tablecloths, extra candles, and napkin rings. 
Underneath it I have a bench that actually holds all our board games. Not typical for a dining room, but in a small home, you have to get creative and work with what you have! It also plays double duty for extra seating when needed. I love multi purpose furniture! 

I found ours at a flea market but I think this one is brilliant. 

Our floating sideboard can be found here. 

Another thing I like to do is keep small items {think junk drawer or pantry, even laundry room} in mason jars with white lids. Labeling everything makes it a breeze to find things! I love this old school label maker. 

In our hallway I have turned an unused closet into a nook simply by removing the doors and adding shiplap. This piece of furniture is meant for a dining room or kitchen, but it fits perfectly here, an again holds misc. items in baskets and bins. 

While thrifting and antiquing I like to find old wooden totes with lots of character. I use these everywhere. Here in the kitchen it serves as a makeshift bar. 

Another metal cabinet in our daughters room holds odds and ends, and again, in
 metal bins.

Cookbooks on the counter add a bit of color, and instead of using traditional bookends, I keep them in  a wood bin.

I also keep my more attractive utensils in a white crock for easy access.

Taking advantage of wall space is key when organizing. 

These wall baskets are perfect in our laundry room, but also would work great in a pantry or bathroom.

More cookbooks in a vintage wooden crate.

 If you like to keep all your oils and spices handy on the counter while cooking, look for a fun 
wood tray and a crock that matches your kitchen to hold utensils. If everything is in one bin, it's easy to transport or move out of the way.

Even our sons room has storage galore. This bed is also a trundle, but when it's not being used, it works great to store extra blankets and pillows. 

And trays. You can never have too many trays. They keep items from looking like they are floating on a table and give the items a purpose. 

The bottom line is keeping things in baskets, bins, and trays, will make your life so much easier. 

Look for them while thrifting or at garage sales as well! You never know when you'll find a treasure!


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