Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday favorites

Happy Friday!

As you may have seen on my instagram, or maybe on this post, we are off on our first summer adventure in our new camper!

We are having a blast. We are with about 8 other families. Last night we did a big Italian potluck and I made this which turned out really good! If you are in need of a simple fresh and healthy salad, I highly recommend this one. 

OK, few things I have found this week that really caught my eye!

I really love these towels and am thinking they would be perfect in our guest bathroom. What do you think?

And speaking of bathrooms, how fun and whimsical is this bath mat?

Looking for some neutral pillows with dreamy texture for your bed or sofa? Any pillow in this shop is great, but I especially love these.

I know it's not even the middle of summer, but I am already looking at cute sweaters for fall. I found this one which I am definitely getting. 

Have you ever heard of light blocking glasses? I never had until recently, but thinking I would like to save my eyesight with these since I spend so much time on the computer! 

Do you live in Utah by chance? If so, and if you need a room makeover by the talented Studio Mcgee, apply here! I almost want to move to Utah just to be in the running! 

I buy these by the dozens to cap off my ball jars in our pantry. Makes everything cohesive and looking fresh!

Thinking about getting this dress for an upcoming casual wedding. Isn't it fun? 

I think it would be cute with this purse and these shoes. 

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend doing what you love to do.


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