Thursday, July 18, 2019

my favorite essential oil blends for summer

I have been enjoying our essential oils so much since getting them!

I have made candles, including citronella ones for the bugs, non toxic household cleaners, and I am ready to make some beauty products with them next!

I never really realized the versatility of these oils until I started reading up on them.

Of course, my favorite thing to do is put them in my diffusers around my home so it will always smell amazing and fresh. We have 3 big dogs and an indoor rabbit, so keeping things smelling good is a must for me. 

The bonus is that there is actually health and mood lifting benefits to diffusing oils as well.

I will get into that a bit more, but for now I would like to share my favorite blends for summertime with you. Most of these oils can be found in the starter kit. 

f you are interested in purchasing a Young Living starter kit, it is by far the best value.  Order here and make sure the number 19008906 appears in both the "enroller" and "sponsor ID" fields. The starter kits are $160 and includes a diffuser and 12 essential oils, and several products you can try, plus a beautiful product guide that provides a ton of information. You can select the kit based on the diffuser that you want to order. 

When you sign up to be a member, you do NOT have to sell anything! All it means is that you get 24% off!

Feel free to print this out so you can keep it handy while diffusing.

While these are some of my favorites, I'd love to hear some of yours! Drop them in the comments section.


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