Thursday, July 11, 2019

painting concrete floors-help needed!

I am in need of help on finding the perfect product to paint concrete floors. 

Just when I think I have it all figured out, I hear about another great product.

I would like to paint our basement floors bright white, give it a little freshening up.

If you have painted concrete floors and have any tips or tricks, pls. email me or leave them in the comment section!

Here is some inspiration and links to what I have found so far:

I really want bright white. But do I want a glossy sheen? Pros and cons?
Picture found here.

Doesn't white just look so fresh and clean?

This article is pretty detailed on the steps to take.

I am wondering how important is it to prime and seal it? 

This article explains a bit about that, but I am not after a perfect finish, as it is in our basement. In fact, I don't even mind imperfections, I think it adds character.

This design idol of mine might be onto something. 

If you have painted concrete floors, what products have you used? Pros and cons to different brands? 

Please share! When I have completed the process I will share my process with you!


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