Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Star spangled charcuterie board

If you have never put together a charcuterie board before, do not be intimidated.

They only look fancy, but they are really easy to put together. In fact, I wrote a post on it, which you can read here. It will give you a step by step including what I used. 

I put together the cutest dessert board once too, which you can see here. 

Today I thought I'd share with you one that I am putting together for our 4th of July celebration at the lake. The only thing I bought special were these cookie cutters to cut cheese into the shape of stars. 

The rest you just pick up at the grocery store and put together on a round breadboard or rectangular  tray. 

Easy peasy, it only looks hard. 

Here is how to make this star spangled charcuterie board:

Pick our cheeses and fruits in red, white, and blue colors. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Red Grapes
Any white cheeses
Blue and or red wrapped cheese rounds
Cherry tomatoes
White crackers
White popcorn

Place everything in an eye pleasing manner on your tray or breadboard. You can use little ramekins  to keep certain items separate if you don't want things touching. 

To make this charcuterie board extra special for the 4th of July, cut some of your cheese slices using a star shaped cookie cutter. This is so cute and takes it to the next level.

Even if you don't have a star shaped cookie cutter, you should be able to whip one of these up in time for your gatherings on the 4th!


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