Thursday, August 29, 2019

a peek into our updated basement

I am so excited to share this update on our basement with you today! I am not totally done, but I want to show you a fun little corner, that for the most part is finished. 

Our basement is primarily used for storing sports equipment, it is also home to our bunny, and a place where our dogs can hang out when we need them to not be underfoot.

It has a concrete floor, rustic wood, and a lot of storage. I recently painted the floor white and will be sharing that process with you soon. 

On this room I have partnered with Walmart to bring a new fresh, bright, vintage vibe to the space, and I couldn't be happier with it!

I was so excited to find this table at Walmart. I scooped it up so fast, and it was the inspiration piece for this room makeover. 

We can curl up with a book with this cozy blanket.

I will be sharing more of the room later, but for now I want to show you this cute little nook with my new table.

Some fresh greens and a candle is all that is needed.
The shape and texture on this candle are so great and it smells amazing. Just what this room that is full of pets needs!

I was so impressed with all the fun items that Walmart has, and continues to carry. 

I really would like to get this chair to sit next to the new table. 

This would also be really cozy and fill the space nicely too.

I am also debating on whether or not I should hang something on the wood wall. I was thinking of this to mimic the shape of the table. 
Or maybe just some simple black and white frames?

Adding in some darker pillows for fall would be nice too!

Don't forget to check back so you can see the whole room completed, and with some fun DIY projects  as well!


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