Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday favorites

Whew, what a week!

We had one kid come home from camp, one kid leave for camp, and a whole lot in-between. 

I haven't been online as much because of the business, but I did pick up a few things to get my fall decorating in gear. 

One of them was this bowl. I am planning on using it just like the picture shows, on our coffee table. I just love everything about this photo. 

I even stacked some books under my coffee table. When something is this good, why not try to recreate it? 

I was looking at different chain links like on the book stack and was contemplating this one. But I have always wanted these and I think they would look great anywhere, so I may just go for them.

I really also like that coffee table, {it's a really great price!} but I am happy with ours. 

I really want to get this hardwired in to the picture in my stair well. I think I mentioned that we are updating our stair railing to black steel, and I think this would compliment it nicely.

Found another cute little romper that is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall.

I also am contemplating this dresser for our master as new nightstands, and then getting some funky floor lamps instead of table lamps. Maybe just keeping it simple on top with a linear planter like this filled with succulents. Super clean and simple.

I found some super fun really inexpensive finds for you here, starting with this cement bowl. How cool is this? And for around $10, yes please!

Also, how about a pair of designer looking dining chairs on sale for around $39 each? 

If wood is more your style, how about a pair of farmhouse chairs for around $25 a piece? 

In need of an inexpensive floor lamp? Look no further. This one is under $20! Cheaper than the price of a shade!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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