Tuesday, August 6, 2019

gearing up for fall

I know it is hot out and we are in the thick of summer, but I still can't stop thinking about my favorite season, fall.

I like to plan ahead and get everything set so that when fall arrives,  I can decorate with all the yummy smells and cozy things. 

I am a homebody and gearing up for fall is right up my alley.

I like to switch out small rugs for plush cozy ones. I am thinking about moving our white cowhide in our living room, down to the basement and getting this one in it's place. 

I am also wanting this sheepskin to throw over the couch. I can already imagine sitting down on it after a long day.

I have ordered 2 new sets of pillows as well. These ones and these ones. 

If you are looking for the most comfy and softest blanket to curl up in, this brand is by far my favorite. We own two but I think we need more because we are always fighting over who gets it. I have given these as wedding presents too, and they also have baby blankets.

I also love burning yummy candles. TJ Maxx is my go to place for them as they are so inexpensive. 

I would also love to know your go to products for making your home extra cozy for fall. 

For even more inspiration, I invite you to follow along on my fall decor Pinterest boards right here. 


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