Tuesday, August 13, 2019

our newly painted doors and hardware

Black interior doors. 

We have had them for years.

But here is the thing. 

When I painted them I used a shiny finish because I had black gloss paint on hand and I didn't want to buy more paint. 

They didn't look horrible but the shiny finish looked a little dated.

I also decided it was time to update the hardware on them with something a bit more current and modern.

I found some great and inexpensive door handles on Amazon and a gorgeous new soft black paint called Black Magic by Sherwin Williams, in a satin finish. 

It's a subtle change, but also dramatic and updated at the same time. I also changed out the hinges for black ones as well. 

That's my grandparents in the giant canvas below.

If  you are thinking of painting your doors black, I highly recommend this color. I also am really really happy with the hardware we chose. 


1 comment:

Sister Patty said...

Nice job -- it looks great!!!

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