Monday, September 2, 2019

easy photo storage/organization

Even though most of our photos are stored on our computers nowadays, years ago things were different. 

Remember taking your film in to get developed? Those were the good old days.

I have so many photos from 20 + years ago, of family, friends, weddings photos, and when our kids were little. I've had these photos  stored in Tupperware bins, and while that is just fine, I wanted to sort them out even further. 

I ordered these boxes online. They fit perfectly in our shelving unit in the basement.

The boxes are the perfect size for photos, and very inexpensive, so I ordered a few dozen.
Any extras I have I will use to store other papers or odds and ends.

To keep them all labeled nicely I ordered these exact labels and individually named each one with my trusty old school labeler. 

I love this label maker so much, and I know you will too. The font is so fun and the raised letters are a nod to the past. Make sure to order extra label tape and you will want to label everything.

Make labels for every category, then place them on the tags. 

Tape the tags onto the white boxes on the backside.

To see how I organize my magazines on this shelf, see this post. 

Being organized makes day to day life so much easier. It makes finding things quick and easy. When you can make the storage and organization attractive, it's a win win. 


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