Wednesday, October 23, 2019

how to mix and match pillows

Hello there! I wanted to give a big shout out today to my friend Jen at City Farmhouse who has made her dreams a reality and opened City Farmhouse and Co.

Jen has created the most beautiful line of pillows imaginable and I cannot wait to share them with you. The colors are so good, and the patterns mix so well together.

Do you ever wonder how to mix and match pillows? Size, color, pattern? 

It's actually really pretty easy even though it can seem a bit intimidating.


This can add dimension to any space. I like to group my pillows in odd numbers for a more modern look. Start with a larger pillow, 22" square or bigger. Add in a smaller one, say 18" square, and finish it off with a lumbar pillow for interest. 


The key to this is to mix different patterns while still staying in the same color story. Pick patterned pillows with harmonious color palettes. Try one floral + one geometric + one solid.


Notice how textures work together. From faux fur to linen, to knit wools and tasseled accents. Add rough pillows with smooth pillows and soft and fuzzy pillows.


I like to choose 3 colors. Pull colors from other areas of the room to tie everything together. Look at your curtains, your rug, you wall color, and pull inspiration from there. 

I played with a couple new pillows I got from her new shop and wanted to show them to you. I love the subtle muted green in the colors. They are perfect for fall and will carry right into the Christmas season beautifully. 

The Finley Dark Sea is the most gorgeous sage green. It reminds me of eucalyptus which I almost always have on my counter or coffee table. The other one is also from the Montauk collection and it's called Hopkins Grass. It is a bit more green but blends beautifully with the other one. 

So my three colors here are green, black, and natural. I have three different sizes. The largest is the black and cream pillows which are 24" square. The new green ones are 20" square and the small natural lumbar is 12x21.

I have grouped them in odd numbers using five pillows total. 

Most of the pillows are linen, but the lumbar is mud cloth to add to the texture of the grouping. I also added in even more texture for the season with a sheepskin. It is so cozy to sit or lay on. 

I think it is so wonderful when people chase their dreams. Go give Jen a warm welcome right here!


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