Monday, October 21, 2019

our finished basement reveal

Our basement was suffering a major identity crisis.

It was a catchall for sports equipment, random home decor I couldn't find a home for, home to our bunny, and area for our dogs to go when we needed them out of the way for company, etc. 

It was one of those rooms that was always cluttered, home to things that didn't have a home. I think maybe we all have had one of those rooms at one time or another.

The room wasn't bad. In fact I had made it over recently. You can see that post here. But there were a few things that still bothered me about it. With the help of paint, and a few key pieces, this room now finally feels like it has a purpose.

You've heard people say how much paint can change a space? Well, it really proved itself in this room.

The main thing that transformed this space was painting the floors white.

After that, I painted the built in cubbies under the bench seating black. {black magic by Sherwin Williams} 

I had a new cushion made in solid white and added in some fun pillows.

I had been wanting to use these pillows somewhere for so long. I saw them popping up on many instagram photos and I fell in love. I think they are the perfect contrast with the white bench seat and mix in perfectly with the others. I even added one to our ski chair.

I talk a lot about storage and organization in our home. Our house is about 2,200 sf, so not huge. Every inch counts and I like every space to have a purpose. 

Since this room serves as a mud room as well, it was the perfect spot to store extra shoes. 

I also needed a place to hang winter coats, {we have a lot} so I made an industrial rack out of pipes and it is the perfect place to store all the extra winter gear.

My son also talked me into a pac man arcade game, and I gave in. It really is fun though!

After painting the floor white I needed something to warm up the space. I chose 2 cowhides from Cowhide Imports that do just that.

Cowhides are super easy to clean. You can easily pick them up and shake them off outdoors, or vacuum them over and over again. Additionally, every now and then our basement will get a tiny bit of water in it when it rains extra hard, and these are virtually indestructible. 

The other side of the room didn't change much. I organized our old photos on the shelf here, which you can read about in this post.

Our ski bench seat is one of our favorite things that will always remain. 

And all my fur babies who like to call this room theirs!




Bosco: {neighbor dog who wanted in on the photo shoot}

And Maisy!

Sources: {some affiliate links used}

Ski chair and wire basket under it - vintage

What do you think? It's definitely an all purpose room but I feel like it is neat and organized and is really practical for our family.


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