Monday, November 25, 2019

our new modern farmhouse stair railing

I have wanted a steel stair railing for a long time now. 

When my husband finally gave me the ok, I drew something up, and had someone fabricate it. 

When I was in Nashville for Savannah's birthday, my husband surprised me by installing it. 

I love it so much, it is literally my new favorite thing!

Here is 5,000 pictures of it, but also you will see some new lighting from Troy Lighting in our dining room which I want to tell you about too! I had heard of Troy Lighting, and when my friend Aedriel shared some lamps she has from them, I new I had to get some for myself too. Lighting can make or break a room in my opinion. The right lighting, can be like jewelry for a room, the finishing touch, the cherry on top. 

This gorgeous new lamp has such an earthy feel to it. The color adds the perfect contrast and the texture on it is amazing. The scale is a bit bigger than the one I had on the sideboard before, which brings things up a notch. I always say, "go big or go home"

Adding this floor lamp to the side also helps to balance things out. I am slightly obsessed with the acrylic base and the clean lines. It also has a built in dimmer so you can control the mood right from the on off switch!

Lighting can make such a huge difference in the way a room feels. I love lamp light, especially in the winter when it can feel so dreary out. I love the floor lamp so much that I also got it for our living room as well, which you will be seeing shortly!

Now, are you ready for more stair pictures? I tried to get a bunch of different angles for you. 

Things are finally feeling cohesive and coming together nicely. Our home is a work in progress, but it is coming together nicely, piece by piece, lamp by lamp, and now that staircase brings us one step closer to being done!


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