Monday, December 23, 2019

a colorful whimsical Christmas home tour

I mentioned briefly a while back that I have been helping families get their homes ready for the holidays.

You can see a glamorous white one I helped with here on this post.

Today I want to take you into another gorgeous home, but one that has a lot more color. 

This project was super fun for me, and it made me step out of my comfort zone a bit. 

Even though my own home is very neutral, I do love color, so it was fun to play with it in someones home this year.

The entry is close to being finished in these photos.
The trees will have white lights and the lanterns have candles on timers so it will really glow at night.

Do you see the upside down tree hanging in the foyer?

I found the basket at HomeGoods and the poinsettias at TJ Maxx. 
The bottom of the large basket is filled up with packing paper to elevate the ornaments and presents.
A simple burlap bow on the front finishes it off.

The life sized gingerbread man was also found at HomeGoods.
Letters to Santa from Hobby Lobby.
I love how whimsical it is.

Just inside, the foyer is massive. I played up the white pillars with some boxwood, which has battery operated white lights in them. The large nutcrackers were also purchased from HomeGoods. They are one of my favorite things.

Boxwoods and pots from Hobby Lobby, battery operated lights from here.

Just beyond the foyer I created a rainbow tree of sorts but using all kinds of colorful ornaments.

The homeowner asked for everything to be over the top and colorful, so I hung mistletoe balls from the railing above with different colored ribbons.

To the left is the formal dining room with a navy and silver color scheme.

Opposite the formal dining room, to the right when you walk in,  is the family room.
The color scheme in here is rust {to match their couches} blue, and gold.

 This room has 2 trees and is filled with character.

Penguins are from here, stockings from here, pillows from here, and red trees from here.
I purchased most of the ornaments at Pottery Barn and HomeGoods.

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms.

The island is HUGE so I went with a large scale piece for it.

I found the silver deer and sleigh at HomeGoods and added a faux potted Christmas tree with these lights. Then I stacked some colorful boxes and added fun Lolea wine to his back.

I found some second hand Christmas cookbooks for a fun touch.
The salt and pepper shakers are mini replicas of their own dogs!

Lots of fun color in here.

Just off the kitchen is an informal dining space.

The color scheme here is lime green and teal which carries over in to the living room, coming up next.

A preserved boxwood garland lines the table with teal and green ornaments woven in and out.

Silver trees and candlesticks and a few other accessories finish off the look.

I lined the upper and lower windows with faux greenery and battery operated votives that flicker. 
I would love to see it all lit up at night!

The living room sits off this room and has the same colors. 
The Christmas tree is over 16' tall and is real!

Everything in this room is large scaled so decorating it was a bit of a challenge.

I created a swag with more preserved boxwood garland on the large mirrors. I also added in white lights and lime green ribbon.

The little deer on the table are from here and I think they are so sweet. A preserved boxwood wreath echos the ones on the mirrors, and laying flat adds dimension to a candle.

A little coffee table styling with some of the homeowners things, and some new items.

The console tables under the mirrors got a grouping of these lanterns, as well as plenty of greenery and more color.

I love how this home turned out! It's fun, elegant, whimsical, and cozy all at the same time!

I hope you got some inspiration for your own home from this post!

I will be taking the next several days off to be with my family. I hope you all have a wonderful time with your own families and I will see you back soon!


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