Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday favorites

I have been busy this week decorating 3 different houses with very different styles, all for Christmas. 
I have so much fun doing this and feel very grateful for all my clients who put their trust in me.

Here is a few photos from one home, more to come!

What is hot at Walmart right now? Here are their top 11 best selling items this season!


Some other things I have had my eye on this week!

These bottles will conceal ugly products in your shower. Ordering asap. 

Just ordered this in ivory. I like the versatility of it. Could be worn with jeans or a shimmery skirt.

Who likes these sneakers? I think they are so fun!

Looking for a last minute tree topper? This one is so fun and is a great price point.

This top would be great for the season and comes in many colors. 

And last but not least, this piece of art is great for any modern farmhouse.

Only 19 days until Christmas!


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