Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2020, the year of self care

I used to love going to the gym. And truth be told, I still do like going.

It makes me feel better, gives me more energy, and keeps me somewhat in shape.

But I haven't been going lately. An ongoing soccer injury to my knee has left me feeling sorry for myself and the daily aches and pains of it have gotten the best of me.

My husband and I used to go every morning after getting Cody off to school. I enjoyed this ritual we created, even though it was early mornings. We would do our workout and then have a Starbucks "drive through" date, and it was a nice way to get the day started.

Then our schedules got crazy and we stopped going. I stopped going for about 6 months.

Chris has started going back but I am reluctant.

However, I know I need some form of exercise, whether it be 20 or 30 minutes even.

So in 2020 I am going to commit to working out every morning, at my own pace.

I am quitting my gym membership {gulp} and investing in a few key pieces for my home gym, aka my basement.

Honestly, all these things cost less than what I have wasted on my monthly membership over the last 6 months of not going.

So whether you go to the gym, are a long time athlete, or someone interested in exploring moving just a bit more, let's do this together!

We all need a little motivation right? 

I am going to take it slow, go at my own pace. I am not doing this to lose weight or get a six pack. I am doing this to feel better, get my heart rate up, and become stronger.

If you are interested in what I have purchased to get going, here they are:

These are things that I know will work well for me. You may need other items, this is just what I am using personally.

This water bottle will keep me on track. I don't drink enough water and I know the importance of it.

Workout wear is important to me to wear while I workout. I have been known to leave it on the entire day after my workout though. These workout pants are super sleek, and I have always loved camo, so these are fun, and these tanks are inexpensive and come in a 2 pack.

This dumbbell set has all the weights I will ever need. I don't think I will need anything over 25 pounds, ha! I like the white rack and how everything stacks up nicely and doesn't take up a lot of room.

This mat is just like one I would use at the gym. It's thicker than a yoga mat for comfort and folds up easily when not in use, another plus.

I love these exercise balls. I use them to sit on and do bicep curls as well as
 my favorite ab exercises.  {#9 is my favorite!}

And I have never used these bands but thought I'd give them a try!

I am actually really excited about getting started! 

We shall see where this goes!



Jennifer said...

I’m inspired! I’ve been going to Orange Theory and it’s such an intense workout. I feel I’ve hurt my body more than I’ve helped. I want to walk outside which will help my mental as well and then also lift weights etc in my basement. I love walking and it gets me also in nature everyday. I will join you! Love all these recommendations! Happy New Year! Jennifer

Jennifer said...

Also will you be following anyone on Instagram or YouTube to do your workouts? I love Adriene for yoga. Also will you add mirror? I have great mat already. Now I need those weights and maybe kettle balls?

Sally said...

Good Plan. You will do it!

Sally said...

Good Job. You will succeed

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