Thursday, January 2, 2020

my finds at TJ Maxx this week

This rug is a beauty. You will be shocked to see the price tag.

This knife block set is normally $500. If a knife block set can be sexy, this is it.

Under $30 for a 24x24 pillow? And as pretty as this one? Sold!

Another rug for the same price as that pillow!

If I had a spot for this chair I would buy it in a heartbeat!

A coffee table book at a deep discount.

This is a gorgeous textured shower curtain.

2 lamps for under $80.00?! Crazy good, and especially when they look like this!

How about these counter stools?

And finally, I think this blanket is the perfect accent to drape over the arm of a chair or couch.

What are some goodies you have found at discount stores lately?


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