Thursday, January 16, 2020

what I bought on Amazon this month

I was recently reading a blog and on it she shares what she had bought on Amazon that month.
I found it really intriguing and thought I would try doing the same.

You guys seemed to love my SPLURGE or SAVE post, so let's try this out!

I personally love finding new fun products and getting to peek into someone else's shopping cart, so here we go!

Think this should be a monthly post/ Please let me know in the comments section, just like you did for the SPLURGE or SAVE post!

To find the products I have listed, click on the bold type, not the photo itself. Full disclosure- When you click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. You can also shop my finds and my home on the LikeToKnowIt page right here. 

Ok, let's get started!

The first category is the beauty department...

1- This dry oil smells amazing. Use it daily as your perfume.
2-Bioderma lip stick. Smells great and works wonders to repair dry and damaged lips.
3- Vitamin A pommade. I heard this is the best for combating wrinkles. We shall see!
4- Hair, skin, and nails gummies. I take these daily and have been for years.
5- This superstay lipstick really does stay on your lips and doesn't get dry or cakey.
6- Rapid Lash eyelash enhancing serum. Forget getting lash extensions and simply apply this every night before bed. You will be shocked at how long your lashes grow! I am on my 4th tube!
7-This body wash smells so fresh and clean, and it's very inexpensive!
8-Just as I take my daily vitamins, so does the Mr. These are the ones he prefers.

Moving onto the household category!

1- Gorilla glue. Because it should be a staple in every household!
2- Damp Rid removes moisture and odors. With 3 dogs and a rabbit, and the fact that we live in the rainiest city, this is a must. I put them in 3 separate places throughout our home.
3- Tyler laundry wash in DIVA. A splurge but I save it for sheets and towels. Your entire house will be smelling divine!
4-Bona hardwood floor cleaner. Spray away the daily dirt and grime. Works like a charm
5- Spot Shot carpet stain remover. I swear by this stuff. Spray it on and walk away. Stains lift right out.
6- Mrs. Meyers laundry soap. The baby blossom scent is to die for. I use it for every wash when I am not using #3 above.

And finally, the home decor category!

1- Natural round balls. I bought several sizes and filled this bowl with them on my coffee table.
2-I am having some pillow shams made for our bed and found a 28" square insert! I buy all my inserts on Amazon, best price I have found besides Ikea. 
3-I bought these stackable organizers for under our master bath sink. We have been snowed in so I have been organizing like crazy.
4-This coffee table book.
5-These Euro pillows in Camel.
6- These keep your shower from looking cluttered.

So what do you think? Want to see this post monthly or do you not care what I am buying? Haha. Let me know!

xoxo, Melaine 


CourtneyM said...

Absolutely love this kind of post - keep them coming!

Jennifer said...

How often do you put the lash serum on ? How long did it take to see results? My eyelashes are non-existent and I also had eyelash extensions and they really ruined my lashes. Any more tips for me? Thanks so much! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Melaine said...

Hi Jennifer! I put it on every night before bed. It took about a month, maybe a little less to see results. I highly recommend it! I had lash extensions once and I just can't justify the cost or the time it takes! Good luck!

Mel said...

I saw a few of these items on Heather Bullards post. I love Mrs Meyers! I use the lavender scent on all of my bedding.

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