Wednesday, February 12, 2020

10 home decor trends for 2020

Home decor trends for 2020!

Watch out for these trends coming your way.

#1- Anything but white kitchens! Oops, I guess I am not on trend. I love my white kitchen so I will not be following this trend!
Pops of wood in the kitchen will also be making a comeback.

#2-layering old and new. Well lucky for me, this is one of my favorite things to do! Here I used an old galvanized basket on top of a sleek cowhide bench. You can read about our sons room makeover right here. 

#3-Dark painted doors. Another one I have!
You can read all about what color I painted our interior doors right here. 

#4-Earth tones are in! No more cool tones. Say hello to chocolate brown, wine, olive and yellow ochre. 

#5-Sculptural furniture and decor are going to be huge. I'd like to say my favorite dining table is sculptural! You can read about our dining room here if you are interested. 

#6-Velvet is supposed to be making a comeback. Did it ever go out of style though? 

#7-Black and white interiors are on trend. Yes! This one I can get on board with! My favorite colors!

#8-"countryside chic" More of a sophisticated European look rather than typical farmhouse look. 

#9-Natural luxuries will be big. Think tons of marble, yay! I love marble!

#10-Unique rugs. I can't wait to see what this will be! I am assuming some sort of way out pattern or color combination?

While these are only a few, there are so many design trends for 2020. Some people think all white/neutral interiors are out, while some say they are in vogue. Whatever the trends are, I say do what you love and what is right for the style of your own home. 

I certainly won't be painting my kitchen cabinets a bold color anytime soon.

xoxo, Melaine 

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