Monday, February 3, 2020

how I display and arrange flowers

With Valentines day coming up, I thought it would be fun to show you what you can do with some of those roses you buy or receive.

I recently received gorgeous white long stem roses from Milana Bouquet. I came home one day to a large box on my front porch with this inside... 

I had never thought about ordering roses online, but the quality of them and the way they came packaged changed my mind! They also have lasted a really long time! 

If you pre order today for Valentine's Day, you can save $20 with code VALENTINE at checkout. 

Be sure to follow them along on Instagram as well to see some gorgeous flower arrangements using their beautiful roses.

We always have fresh flowers in our home and I was so excited to incorporate these roses into many rooms.

Typically I  like to keep things monochromatic, adding in additional greenery for filler. 

One of my favorite fillers to use are seeded eucalyptus. You can usually find them at your grocery store. I usually always see them at Trader Joes. 

Since I opted for white roses, I picked up some other white flowers, such as hydrangeas and tulips, and mums. 

One other thing I like to do is use containers that aren't typically meant to be vases. In this case, I used a wooden bowl from the thrift shop kitchen section. 
To protect it and keep it water tight, I made the arrangement in a short square glass vase and then placed it inside the bowl.

To cover up any gaps between the vases, I used the filler to spill over.

I did the same thing in this vase below, only I added in greenery from the yard. This is a good way to fill up space and not spend any money. 

 I hope you got some helpful tips for your own flower arranging!

xoxo, Melaine 

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