Monday, February 24, 2020

Leanne Ford at Crate & Barrel

Leanne Ford is at Crate & Barrel!

I am a huge Leanne Ford fan. I wonder if it's because most of her spaces are all white?? 

{All photos from Crate & Barrel, click on the bold type to take you to the product link.}

The fact that she has a line at Crate & Barrel is huge! {remember when she had the line of lighting fixtures at Target a while back?}

I mean, just look at this arched canopy bed? 
I will take 5 please.

How cool are these geometric vases?

This modern artwork is a show stopper.

Imagine all the beautiful things you could re-purpose these candles as when the wax has burnt down.

This floor vase is huge. I can picture it potted up with a cactus or just adding branches or stems like they did here. 

Zoom in on the fabulous texture on this table. Wow, just wow.

This storage cabinet would look great in so many spaces. 

Same girl, same.

And finally, my last favorite piece in her collection is in her bedding line!

This bedding looks so cozy, I might never get out of bed. 

Congrats to Leanne Ford for following her dreams and making them a reality. She's killing it and it's way deserved!

xoxo, Melaine 

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Mary Ann Pickett said...

Beautiful in it's simplicity.

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