Thursday, February 20, 2020

simple farmhouse flower arrangements

This post is all about not overthinking flower arrangements.

Flower arranging can feel intimidating to a lot of people, including myself!

But I am here to set your mind at ease and show you two "arrangements" that a five year old could put together.

These are perfect for the farmhouse look that is so wildly popular, but please don't think you need that style to display these flowers. 

These arrangements are not only simple, but they are inexpensive and you don't need any special vases or containers to make them in. 

In fact, you can use items from your kitchen cupboards. 

If you have any white dishes, stoneware, a white mug, a utensil holder, a cream/milk pitcher, a juice pitcher, even a bowl, or oddly enough, an empty canned product, then you are in luck.

Your grocery store should have what you need in the way of flowers. 

I used 2 kinds here, babies breath and chamomile. Both are inexpensive and mainly used as a filler in large arrangements. 

When you group them together in a mass, they look really beautiful and striking on their own. 

I like to sprinkle these little arrangements all over my home. The coffee nook, bathrooms, side tables, etc. 

Simple. Easy. Beautiful.

No instructions needed really. Just cut stems low and use more flowers than you think. They will last longer if you give them fresh water daily. 

I styled the chamomile in a thrifted crock. It sits on our kitchen island along with a candle and a bowl of pistachios {that I snack on all day everyday} 

And I styled the babies breath in a white vase I had o hand, and added it to our coffee nook.

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xoxo, Melaine 


Jackie said...

Melanie what a pretty arrangement!

Lolly Jane said...

So pretty! Pinned it to other can see! XO

Sara Syrett said...

Such a sweet arrangement! I love those flowers!

Cassie Bustamante said...

i just love those flowers and they look perfect in that vessel!

Ashely said...

Love that vessel and the flowers just scream spring! LOVE!

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