Tuesday, February 4, 2020

splurge or save

Welcome to another edition of splurge or save!

This is a post where I show you items that are very similar, if not identical, with great price differences.

You can choose to splurge or save!

As always, if you click on a link {links are in BOLD TYPE} and make a purchase, I may or may not receive a small commission. I appreciate your continued support!

The first up are these great kitchen canisters. I have a diy in mind with these, but in the meantime wanted to show you some that are pretty close! I think the only difference I can see is the size of each jar!


This next item might just be the biggest savings of all! Anyone else want to save $1,688.93 plus shipping by having your own art printed? I know I would! These pieces aren't exactly the same, but for those savings, I say who cares!


Another big savings is this cute clutch.


How about a sofa splurge or save? I cannot attest to the comfort of either of these because I happen to be having a love affair with our own inexpensive sofa. However, the looks of these are pretty great!


And finally, a very popular coffee table. Would you splurge or save?

I hope you enjoyed this weeks splurge or save post! Be sure to pin any images that you might like to come back too!

xoxo, Melaine 

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