Monday, March 16, 2020

amazon finds

With the Cornovirus, online shopping is becoming even bigger, so some of the things you might find in my virtual shopping cart this month might seem a little excessive.

But I am being very precautious and not going out in public unless I really have too.

I bought these command strips for hanging the letters in my dining room. I tried to use some I had on hand, but they were more of the velcro type and they made the letters protrude from the wall and it caused a funny shadow. Lesson learned, I will only buy these from now on. 

This shirt just came and I love it!

I thought these mugs were just too cute so I bought a couple for my coffee bar.

Speaking of coffee, I couldn't get through my mornings, or afternoons without this.

Savannah and I just got this dress in white and pink.

Invisible Fence batteries for keeping our fur babies safe. 

A huge soap refill for all the dispensers in our home, gotta stay clean!

More laundry soap in my favorite scent.

Another Corona Virus purchase.

My husband got new sunglasses after losing his other pair. He is super particular about his sunglasses.

Bulk paper straws. 

And finally, a new mouse pad, super boring!

Stay safe everyone!

xoxo, Melaine 

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