Monday, April 13, 2020

how I found the perfect sheet & bedding combination

I have tried many different sheet, quilt, pillow, and bedding combinations in my time.

I have made my bed many different ways. Four pillows, ten pillows, one duvet, two duvets, and so on, and so on. 

But today I am here to tell you how I found the perfect sheet and bedding combination!

I am a sucker for white sheets. The only exception is my sons room where I have used darker more masculine bedding. 
But for our daughters bed, and our master bedroom bed, white it is!

Here is why I like white sheets in a nutshell. 

They are easy to keep clean. I use this when I wash my sheets and this detergent. It is the best smelling combo and keeps the whites looking white. No one wants dingy white sheets.  There is something very fresh and clean about white sheets and bedding. 

I also think it is ok to mix white and off white. Adding in texture is also key in creating a great looking bed.  See this post on our bed. 

Alright, here are the steps I use when making our bed and why I love it so much. For reference, our bed is a queen size. 

Step 1-

Cover your boxspring if it shows. My boxspring cover from Pottery Barn isn't available anymore, but I love this one.

Step 2- 
Sheets- I recently got the Yalda 100% Egyptian cotton sheets from Pure Parima for our bed and for Savannahs bed. They are soft, and get better with every wash. The little details on them are beautiful and the 400 thread count feels like pure luxury. 

Place your bottom sheet on followed by your top sheet, upside down and then fold the top back. Tuck the top sheet under the mattress on the sides.

We have a total of 4 "sleeping" pillows. Lay those flat like shown, stacked one on top of the other. 
The ones on the bottom I have linen pillowcases on, and the top ones {these great pillows} I have the Pure Parima cases that came in the set. 

The reason I have 4 is for propping up for watching tv. The ones on the bottom are the ones we use to sleep on.

Step 3- 

Now comes the fun with the pillows. This is the combination I love and I hope you do too!

Place 2 large european sized pillows in front. If you have a king sized bed you may want three. I love, love, love, these pillows. The texture and the color is fantastic and they are super cozy. I got two of the 26" size and used 28" inserts to make them really full. After I put them on the bed I like to give them a karate chop in the center. 

Next you are going to want to add a single 20" off white pillow to the center of those. Again, if you have a king sized bed, you might want to add 2. My pillow is linen, but mud cloth would be nice too. Again, it's all about the texture here. The texture is what makes it feel luxurious. 
Make sure that one has a feather/down insert as well {size up to a 22") and give that one a karate chop too! 

And finally, an extra long lumbar in the front finishes the pillow combination off! This is a 14x36" pillow I got at a flea market. It is a great cream mud cloth. I found almost the exact same one
 right here. This one will get a 14x36 insert, no need to size up here. 

At night, all but the 2 sleeping pillows come off, as the rest are just decorative. 

Step 4- 

Add a duvet with a white linen cover. I have had my duvet insert forever, I can't even remember where I got it. Invest in a  good quality one and it should last you years and years. I have a white linen duvet cover which I love. I got mine here but have since found a less expensive version. I also wash this the same way I wash my sheets. I do wash it alone though, otherwise things get caught inside it and get wrinkly.

Lay your duvet over the end of your bed so that the end of it covers the mattress. Then fold it in half. Then fold the half over again towards the pillows {forgot to get a picture here but you will see on the photos at the end of this post}  to form a big fluffy fold. 

Step 5-

Fold a quilt at the base of the bed. This will add even more texture and if you are like me, I like to have many layers on at night. 
I got mine at TJ Maxx a while ago, but there's similar ones I found here. 

Step 6- 

The final step is to add a small throw to the end of the bed. It adds added texture and I also just like to curl up with one at night. This was also a TJ Maxx find, but I have found a similar one here. 

That was quite the lengthy description on how I make our bed, but I promise it takes less than 5 minutes. It feels so good to get the bed made every morning, and even better at the end of a long day to climb into those soft clean sheets! 

xoxo, Melaine 

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Teresa Halminton said...

Love the advice! Thank you for sharing!

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