Thursday, April 23, 2020

our DIY stair runner

The stairs that lead down to our basement have never been properly finished. I got a quote to do the same hardwoods as the rest of our house, but honestly I just don't want to spend the money. Besides, I really don't mind the unfinished look ever since I added these runners years ago.

Our stair treads are totally unfinished builders grade plywood I believe. 

So to get this look I started out by painting them out white. The shiplap walls were white, so I used the same color to keep it cohesive.

Then I bought 3 of the rug runners. If you want to do this as well you'll need to measure not only the treads, but the risers as well to get the right length for your set of stairs.  I also added a non skid rug pad underneath. 

I simply stapled {I used an air nailer} on the runners under each tread, pulling it taut each time. When I got to the end I cut it off, and folded about an inch under and stapled it.

After living with it a year or so it was starting to show dirt so I got out my hand held steam cleaner and cleaned it. Unfortunately all the black color ran onto the white and it was ruined. Just an FIY that these should be spot cleaned only. I learned my lesson the hard way!

I recently added a gallery wall at the base of the stairs where I had one single sign previously. I am always looking for spaces to hang family photos and this was perfect.

I really like how it has held up, and besides the one mistake I made trying to steam clean it, it's been great!

xoxo, Melaine


cindy hattersley design said...

Read this last night while watching the news and tried to leave a comment on my phone. Love the family gallery wall at the bottom of the stairs. Try an indoor outdoor runner if you decide to redo your stairs. I got the Studio Mcgee Target one for my bath and love it!!

RSD said...

Where did you get that runner and what is the name of it?

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