Monday, May 4, 2020

Amazon purchases

You all liked my Amazon purchase posts before so I thought I'd share one again!

We have bought so much on Amazon lately with the stay at home order, so some of this is really random stuff!

These candles smell so fresh for Spring. I like to burn them all day but when I first light them in the morning, my mood instantly lifts.

I bought these for an upcoming project, stay tuned :) 

I posted about this on Friday favorites, but I saw it at a friends house, it looked cute, so I am copying her. 

Bought these for a friends gallery wall project.

Bought 2 of these for the same project. Aren't they cute?

Stocked up on more of our favorite bed pillows.

Getting ready for Halloween a bit early this year, haha. 

This is my favorite dry shampoo.

This is a new bad quarantine habit which hopefully this product will break.

This will hopefully keep us entertained and busy in quarantine.

When the weather warms up, the flies come in. These are the only things that have ever worked for us. I place them in tall jars to disguise them. 

Adding this to every load of laundry keeps things looking fresh and smelling good.

xoxo, Melaine

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