Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Father's Day gift guide 2020

What a crazy year! I'm not sure about your man, your dad, or whoever the man is in your life, but I want to spoil mine this year!

My husband is always looking for the latest and the greatest and the coolest new invention/idea. So, while these are things I know he would love, I am sure you have someone who would love them too!

This Yeti waterproof submersible bag would definitely be one of his top picks. He loves this brand so much. It has never let us down over the years. Going boating and fishing a lot, this bag would be such peace of mind.

How about this portable charger with built in cables?It charges ultra fast and has an all in one power bank.

You know you want a frameless tv. So why not get your significant other one for a gift? Win-win!
This 65" one is the biggest the frameless tv comes. We have it and we love it!

Who wouldn't love a smartphone sanitizer? We could all benefit from one of these.

No guy ever wants to run out of carabiners. You could get clever with it and attach gift cards to them.

Need a new tool bag for your guy? This is a great size for putzing around the house.

These are my favorite sneakers my husband owns.

I love this old school Nike socks.

Google home smart speaker with Google assist would be a great gift too!

Happy shopping!

xoxo, Melaine 

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