Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday favorites

Today marks the one week date of my knee replacement surgery and I am doing great! I start PT today which should be interesting. Hope all goes well. 

How's everyone holding up in quarantine?

I've been trying to share a lot more DIY ideas and recipes to try and help out with that boredom or lack of creativity some of you are saying you have. It's these little things we can all try and do to help each other out.

Another thing I have been doing is trying to help small business' by giving them my business over larger companies. I have been giving shoutouts to my friends small business' on Instagram and such. It's small potatoes but I think we can all help, even if it's small, to share our love for these people and their business' they worked so hard for. 

Sorry if that was all jumbled, bear with me because I am on major pain meds, haha. 
Friendly reminder to click on the bold type words to take you to the link pages. 

Alright, here is a small business that I love. The owner Kendra is a friend of mine. She recently did a shoot here with her pillows and I truly love them. I'm not joking when I say I ordered 18 pillows from her after the shoot! What my husband doesn't know won't hurt him! 
A few that I ordered:

The Brooklyn

This small business has a lot of printable art I have purchased. I have 5 pieces in our sons room and a few scattered throughout our house. This is my go to source for vintage black and white photography. 

I bought one of these old wooden stools and shipping took a while because of Covid, but I was happy when it arrives, well worth the wait. I am sure you will be seeing it pop up in a lot of my photos! 

I have also purchased these labels and you guys, they are so pretty! You can customize them to what you want them to say!

We used these in a clients kitchen recently and were so happy with the quality. They were easy to work with and the shipping was fast. If you need any rustic farmhouse floating shelves, I'd get them here!

This shop is a great place to get house numbers or letters. We used them in our home office here.

The prints from this shop just make me happy. I especially am drawn to this one.

Thanks again for following Friday favorites. This is such a fun post for me to write. 

xoxo, Melaine 

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